We are a boutique investment management firm with a specialization in capacity constrained asset classes. Steady leadership and dedication to our core investment philosophy sets us apart.

What We Do

We manage five investment strategies, all rooted in our core philosophy of investing in good businesses at attractive prices and owning them for long periods of time. We are fundamental, bottom-up investors and believe the rewards from investing come from owning, not trading. Across all of our strategies we take the long-view and purchase companies we believe can weather volatile economic conditions better than their peers and grow their intrinsic value during economic expansions.

About Us

Our investment philosophy, which has been in place for more than 20 years, focuses on owning quality companies that are undervalued and is rooted in bottom-up, fundamental research. The portfolio managers have worked together for more than a decade and provide the steady leadership that ensures the consistent execution of our investment philosophy across market cycles. They lead our investment team, which is deep in talent and tenure, and leverage their collective knowledge to thoroughly evaluate each investment.